Live music

A great concert experience is all about energy - between the artists and fans and among the fans themselves. Great acoustics means both extraordinary clarity even at high volumes and a venue ambience that makes electric enthusiasm absolutely contagious. (And you’ve got to consider the neighbors!)


Featured live music projects


Fort Collins, Colorado

Fashioning the premier rock venue for up to 800 fans in Fort Collins, Colorado's live music capital.

Jackson Hole Center for the Arts

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Brining together pop, rock, country, and fusion in a Jackson venue that seats 100 patrons on the main floor for small scale and expands to include a much bigger balcony.

Other live music projects include:

Lakewood Amphitheater, Lakewood

Westcliffe Amphitheater, Westcliffe (unrealized)

Aireplex Amphitheather, Omaha (unrealized)

Bohemian Amphitheater, Fort Collins (unrealized)