Jackson Hole Center for the Arts, Phase 2

Pop, rock, country, fusion all find a hospitable venue in Jackson.   The primary performance space is unique in that it can put just 100 patrons on the main floor for small scale, local dramatic productions, or expand to include a much bigger balcony with extraordinary sight lines for dance. There's also an orchestra pit for musical theater production that can be brought into service quickly and easily.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming  |  Popular music venue  |  XXXX  |  with Stephen Dynia Architects / Carney Logan Burke Architects

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, birth place of “cowboy chic” and home to some of the world’s most breathtaking and exciting outdoor recreation, now has a new first-class performing arts complex to add to its long list of attractions. The $15 million Performing Arts Pavilion features a 500-seat proscenium theater, and extensive music rehearsal facilities.

Robert F. Mahoney & Associates designed the acoustics for the 40,000-square-foot Performing Arts Pavilion—which hosts chamber music, as well as dramatic plays and musicals. Because the dramatic productions that take place in the new theater tend to be more intimate performances, Mahoney & Associates was charged with finding a way to make the 500- seat theater feel full with less than 200 people in attendance. A solution was found in designing the theater to seat more people in the balcony than on the main floor of the building.

A team of local architects from Steve Dynia Architects and Carney Architects worked together as part of the Arts Design Collaborative to design the Performing Arts Pavilion, that opened in the Spring of 2007.