The Barn at Flintwoods

Brandywine Baroque has a completely refurbished historic barn for performances and recordings.

Wilmington, Delaware  |  Recording studio   |  with Andrew Berman Architect

Karen Flint and her colleagues in the Brandywine Baroque Ensemble had used the antique barn on the Flint property for rehearsals and occasional performances.  However the property is almost directly under the approach path the Philadelphia airport. Noise  from aircraft overhead would force frequent interruptions that interrupted those events and made live recordings impossible.  The challenge we faced was how to preserve the wonderfully warm and rustic character of the barn - both inside and out - while excluding aircraft noise and Delaware's winter drafts.  The solution was a careful removal of the barn cladding, construction of a concrete shell, and recladding with the original materials.  Full HVAC systems were introduced, also designed to an extremely low noise floor, and a highly sophisticated recording control room and all the electrical and electronic infrastructure that goes with making absolutely first class recordings.  Karen's extraordinary collection of orginal harpsichords from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries can be heard made at Flintwoods on her label, Plectrum MUsic  Performances by Brandywine Baroque and such guest artist luminaries as Davitt Moroney, Arthur Haas and JungHae Kim.