MakeMusic Recording Studio

The powers behind Finale, SmartMusic, Garritan and other mainstays in the music world can offer their people and clients a wonderful audition, recording and jam session/break room in their new Colorado facility

Boulder, Colorado  |  Recording studio  |  XXXX  |  with Eric Bartczak Architects

When MakeMusic relocated to Boulder from its previous home in Minnesota they took occupancy in what had been a quickly built laboratory building.  The previous tenants had no particular acoustical requirements so the building structure was very lightweight with extremely limited load capacity in the structure.  MakeMusic initially wanted a suite of break rooms where employees (nearly all professional grade musicians themselves) could play their instruments alone or with a few others just to relax.  As the project developed and we proposed numerous ideas of how that suite could serve in many more ways than just a break room - product demonstrations, recordings, video conferencing to name a few - the enthusiasm kept on building.  By especially careful detailing and strict construction observation the Design Team overcame the considerable structural and spatial limitations to yield a handsome, first-rate studio that is booked virtually around the clock.