DIME - the Detroit Institute of Music Education - partnered with Metropolitan State University to create a groundbreaking educational and professional rock music program in a repurposed space in Denver's Arts District.

Denver, Colorado  |  Popular music venue  |  2017  |  with Neenan Archistruction

Kevin Nixon and Sarah Clayborn have been prominent in the UK rock and roll scene for decades.  They recently established the Detroit Institute of Music Education to great success in the Motor City. When looking to  expand to Denver, the teamed with Metro State University to offer an accredited performance -- and needed just the right space in which to do it.  Robert F Mahoney & Associates vetted several candidate spaces in the Downtown area - eliminating several that had hidden acoustical problems that would have been prohibitively costly to solve.  Finally a terrific, stand-alone structure was found in the flourishing Arts District that has been built out with wonderful interior acoustics for the curricula and - most importantly - such high acoustical isolation that all spaces can be used as desired simultaneously.  That solves the key requirement Kevin and Sarah cited as a shortcoming in some of their previous locations.