Anderson Collection, Stanford

A completely new building to house the extraordinary 20th century art collection donated to Stanford.

Palo Alto, California  |  Museum  |  XXXX  |  with Ennead Architects

As part of a long term and ongoing relationship with Ennead and Stanford University, Mahoney & Associates we retained to provide key acoustical device in the new building that houses the Sanford Anderson's family gift of major 20th century art to the University.  Located next to the Cantor Museum, this new free-standing museum is intended for both the public and the scholarly appreciation of this extraordinary collection of Pollacks, Frankenthaler, Koons, de Kooning, Albers ... artists whose works individually would merit such a setting as this project provides. Given the extraordinary constraints associated with the conservation and preservation of a collection of this value, the acoustical goals were specific, yet the means available quite limited.