Ahmanson Theater

Devising dramatic improvements in a space to serve a variety of performances from intimate productions to major Broadway musicals.

Los Angeles, California  |  Performing Arts  |  1995  |  with Ellerbe Becket Architects

A $17 million renovation of the Ahmanson Theatre brought the venue’s balcony and mezzanine closer to the stage, lowered the ceiling and reduced the width of the auditorium, making the theater as suitable for intimate stage plays as it is for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera and other mega-musicals. The major renovation was designed to enhance the theater’s acoustics, improve sightlines and allow for more flexible seating arrangements. As a result of the reconfiguration, the Ahmanson can now be instantly transformed from a 2,084-seat theater to a cozier 1,600-seat venue.

Venue size 1,600 to 2,084

Architect  Ellerbe Becket Architects – Los Angeles

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