The true mark of creativity is flexibility born of technical mastery and broad imagination.
Robert F. Mahoney & Associates

Our Design Philosophy

Our work has been shaped by the evolving belief that acoustical design must spring from a personal and empathetic understanding of the needs of a facility’s occupants and users. We also believe a building’s architecture should embody the acoustical elements essential to the technical and aesthetic success of each project and each performance.

Our Experience

Founded in 1992 by Robert Mahoney, our firm has provided acoustical design and consulting services to some of the most celebrated performance venues and worship spaces around the world. Our projects have ranged from the design of Denver’s multimillion-dollar Ellie Caulkins Opera House to the renovation of the influential Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis. Other current projects include Flint Barn, a new performance venue being built by Karen and Peter Flint on a nature preserve in Delaware; and the Frank Gehry-designed performing arts complex at the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan.

In addition to deep practical experience, our consultants possess academic credentials in acoustics, physics, architecture and the performing arts. As musicians, architects and patrons of the performing arts ourselves, we are able to make flexible and creative contributions to the design effort that are free of academic orthodoxy and wholly sympathetic to the practicality of building design and the ongoing needs of performers, audience members and other users of a space.

We aim to exceed client expectations in everything we do and approach every project with careful attention to detail, respect for budgets and schedules, and an unswerving commitment to providing the best and most informed technical advice. We also take inordinate care in maintaining contact with our clients long after a project is officially completed. All of this helps to explain why the overwhelming majority of our current clients are people and organizations with whom we have worked before.

Along with working independently, we frequently collaborate with Tokyo-based Nagata Acoustics, the world-renowned acoustical consulting firm founded by Dr. Minoru Nagata.

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